Our Mission

Automate your price with your own rules

Our Story

Our Auto-Search tool finds your products on your competitors websites automatically. Other platforms that provide a search system either use Google Shopping and are therefore limited to their inventory or hire people overseas to search at a higher cost and without the freedom and control our software provides.

• With a screenshot history of all competitors pages we could not hide our mistakes. Other platforms may tell you the price reported truly was the price of the page but no one can prove it. With us it takes one click on the camera icon to verify.

• Extremely reliable data — Getting the correct price and stock from the pages should be your main criteria when choosing a platform as many will report incorrect data on a regular basis. Picking the correct price may seem easy to a human being but it is a major challenge for a program as most pages contain dozens of prices, of shipping, related products or discounts. For years, most of our development resources have been allocated to data accuracy. Being located in a tech area next to a Google campus we always had the best engineers work specifically on this.

• We calculate the sales of your competitors.

MonPrice Alert is an all-in-one shopping assistant that automatically saves you time and money.​

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