Welcome to the community documentation for Roleypoly!

We welcome open contribution, please feel free to edit this and open a PR if you see something you'd like to improve on.

What is Monprice Alert?

Monprice Alert is a bot that, while in a discord server one is into, allow one to pick roles for oneself on a dedicated user interface.

How do I pick roles using Monprice Alert?

Firstly, you need to access the user interface.

To do so, you have to click on the link related to the server in which you want to pick roles from.

You can summon the link by mentioning Monprice Alert in a chat (@monpricealert), or by asking for the link to the server’s administrator(s).

Secondly, click [Sign in with Discord], connect to Discord if asked, then [Authorize]. It is necessary to link your account with the server’s Roleypoly page.

Thirdly, congratulations! You’re on the server’s Roleypoly page. Now focus on the central area. Check if a Server Message (first thing, at the top) has been set by the server’s administrator: there could be useful informations about the roles you can pick. Then, under it, in the Roles part, you can pick any role by simply clicking on it. Once you’re done, click [Save Changes], close the page and enjoy your new distinctions c:

How do I set up Roleypoly on my server?

1. Please share the link you want to track ; ( )


2. wait for the confirmation email ;


3. as soon as the product indicated by you is available you will receive an alert in real time;



And… all done!