Receive Forex Trading Signals 90% Accurate in
Real Time

The frequency at which checks happen for changes in cloud. Can be set for local Monitors, with intervals from 5 seconds onwards.

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Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Select currency to track, visually.

Select and track currency content

Select partial or complete currency for tracking and notification. Customize your selections by excluding unwanted content.

Advanced customization options

Refine your selections with XPATH, CSS and regular expressions. Automate the workflow with JavaScript.

Cloud Monitors

Run on our servers, so you get updates 24 x 7. Limited monitors available, based on your plan.

Custom Tracking Frequency

Set a checking interval between 5 seconds to 30 days. It’s up to the task for any need you may have.

Cloud Analytics Modernization

✅ 24/7 Monitoring on the Cloud
✅ We monitor forex currency in the background for changes

Versatility in Application

Get instant alerts via notification, emails, SMS or apps when something changes

Data Science Acceleration

Connect your favorite service and choose an integration - alerts, syncing, automations etc …

Full Customer Experience Service

✅ Alerts in Real Time

✅ Only 90% Accurate Signals

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Filter alerts with conditions

Single Conditions

Check if selected text has a number within a range, matches a regular expression, has certain text and a lot more.

Compound Conditions

Club multiple conditions together to set more advanced filtering, matching all or any of the conditions.

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Monpricealert watches the forex currency and triggers your favorite service every time data changes.